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V2V - Voiceless to Victorious Podcast w/ Dr. Marci Batiste

Where Voices are Heard, Stories are Told, and Hearts are Healed

Join Dr. Marci Batiste each week as she provides a platform and a means to let voices be heard,  stories told, hearts healed, and lives freed from the bondage of silence and abuse.


Every week she will take you on a journey from voiceless to victorious with powerful stories from everyday people, who have faced their demons head-on and who have come out the other side. They are ready to give their story a voice.


You will be educated, empowered, and encouraged to begin making sustainable changes in your own life, relationships, and community.


Special Sneak Peak

Bonus episode with the Fellas from When Black Men Talk Podcast
Mr. D. Maurice and Mr. Mark Elliott

Meeting, Dating and Relating to a woman who has been abused previously.

From Victim to Victory

Special Guest Dr. Shelissa Thomas
CEO, Restore Incorporated
Sharing how she went from being abused and homeless to now owning her own company and housing others in crisis. 

Detoxing from Narcissistic Abuse

Special Guest Joy Mpezeni
CEO, Pink Girl Teaches
A frank and eye-opening conversation about what is narcissism, how it works and how you can heal from the abuse

Funded by Faith

Special Guest Nadjege Casimir
CEO, Look Better Naked Spa
Shares her inspiring story of how her faith helped through building, losing, and rebuilding a business as a solo SHEpreneur, losing and finding love, and becoming a mom.

Shifting the Atmosphere

Special Guest Towauna Watson
CEO Global Eyes on Health
Cancer Survivor, Community Leader, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, and overall inspiration shares how she used her personal cancer battle to become an advocate for healing.

Married to the Law

Shedana Patterson
Shares her story of being married to the law. What do you do when your partner and abuser is a member of law enforcement? Find out what she did.

NOTE: there is approximately 3 min of silence due to technical difficulties at the beginning you may fast forward to 4:00 and the episode resumes

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Invisible Scars

Lisa Halls
A completely candid conversation about her fight to survive domestic violence, and her ongoing struggles over the years with self-harm and suicidal thoughts. 

Money Matters

Dr. Cozette M. White
Dr. Cozette joins us to discuss the importance of having your financial house in order personally and professionally.
Take a listen and learn about the 3 Financial documents every entrepreneur needs to have for their business. 

Empowered to Heal

Qiana Howell
Join us this week as we have another candid conversation about the increase in suicide. This time we will take a look specifically at our young people who are, at an alarming rate, viewing and choosing suicide as their most viable solution to problems. 

Behind the Smile

Wanda Lopez
We hide a lot of things behind our smiles, and not all of them good. We use our smiles to mask our true feelings and protect our deepest fears Have you ever stopped to ask, What's behind her smile? 

Sex and Respect

Mark Elliott
Addressing the question: Are SEX and RESPECT inclusive to or exclusive of one another? AND Are the standards set differently for men than they are for women? What about the emotions, is it all women or men allowed to be vulnerable and sensitive too?

Undressing Your Wounds

Dr. Monica Y. Jackson
Join my guest Dr. Monica Jackson and I as we begin to undress the topic of processing emotional wounds, particularly those experienced in association with the church. How do we process 'church hurt'?

True Confessions of a Man

Lamonte Faison
Founder, Anger Management 702

Last week we discussed church hurt from a Parishioners perspective, and this week we hear from a former church Minister and Elder about how he leveraged his position and power within the church to use and manipulate women. 

The Female Narcissist

Joy Mpezeni
CEO, Pink Girl Teaches

Often when we hear the word NARCISSIST we think of men.

Did you know that there are female narcissists as well?

This week we into the mind and behaviors of the female narcissist AND the impact that narcissism in a home has on the kids.


Soul Food

Coach Clarence Ferguson
Founder Fit Over 40 

When people hear the word fitness, you instantly think protein shakes and squats. OK, maybe that's just me...

But fitness goes deeper. This week we talk emotional, physical, and financial fitness with Wellness Expert, Coach Clarence.


The Untold Truth

Raymond X

Often times men's truths go untold. In order to aid in the healing process, it is important for me to understand how some men become abusers. Men are also victims of molestation, sexual assault and domestic violence. Anonymously This Week's guest has agreed to finally tell his story.


What Men Want/Need

Mark Elliott
When Black Men Talk

They say WOMEN NEVER LISTEN TO MEN... well TONIGHT we are listening. Not just to HEAR YOU, But with the intention to better UNDERSTAND you.

We are listening to your needs, your desires, your expectations, and YOUR VISION for sex, love, and life.

Plus a special announcement from Mark and I.


When SHE is the Abuser

Michael Valerio
Author, Investor, & Financial Consultant

Hear his powerful testimony of being the man on the receiving end of an abusive woman and his experience of being ignored by law enforcement more than once when he sought assistance.

I've been asking myself all month.... where do men put these feelings? How do they process trauma? What outlet, support, and resources are available to aid them in the healing process.


Supporting Kings

Qiana Howell

Empowered to Heal, LLC

What a way to cap off our conversations from men's month by a returning visit from Qiana Howell, frontline therapist serving and supporting men on their mental and emotional health journeys toward healing. There is a wealth of misunderstanding and judgment surrounding the emotional support and mental health of men.


Defying the Odds

Dr. Will Moreland

Moreland Training & Associates

The expectations of young black boys who are born to single mothers inside of system of poverty hover somewhere around ZERO. Add gangs and street life to the equation and the expectation is below zero... It is death or jail.

How does that start, and a life of struggles push one man over the edge but the motivation to become a billionaire for another?


Finding Your Lane

Daniel Truelove Jr.

Many people struggle with finding purpose and doing something that is both meaningful and fulfilling. So, let's chat about our purpose. How do you find your lane?
Tune in as I have a chance to find out from Daniel how he was able to niche down and FIND HIS LANE and what was it about what he is doing now that made him know... THIS IS THAT


Accepting the

Terry "DaGuru" Little

w/ Melissa Little

Men are genetically geared toward being Fixers and Protectors. They are raised to believe they need to be the covering to their family. But what happens when you are faced with something that is impossible to "fix"?

How do you lead and comfort while still processing your own emotions?


Makings Sense of God
in Tough Times

Dr. Will Moreland

Moreland Training & Associates

Where is God? Why did God allow this? If God is real, why did this happen?

I'm mad at God. I don't think God loves me.

If you have ever asked one of these questions or made one of these statements, tune in tomorrow for an insightful conversation around God, suffering, hurt and pain.


Pet Therapy for

Shawn Tucker

Hillside Canine Resort and Training

PTSD is a fact of life for many trauma survivors, both diagnosed and undiagnosed. We will discuss the benefits of using a dog as a service aide to provide relief to individuals suffering from PTSD.  Shawn will join us to discuss formalized dog training and some of the ways dogs can help ease the anxieties that are associated with PTSD.



Dr. Marci Batiste

Nine Seconds Corporation

PTSD Affects nearly 12 million adults in the US per year. Many of those victims of sexual violence, domestic assaults, rape, incest and exposure to other forms of violence and trauma.

I am going to openly share how molestation and domestic violence affected me. My trauma didn't start in 2012 with that assault, it started when I was 6 years old....

I lived for over 35 years without even knowing the enemy I was fighting had a label, PTSD.


Presumed Guilty

Raymond X


There are so many layers to domestic violence awareness, prevention, and recovery. This week we are going to discuss what happens after you are labeled an "Abuser".

Again, the subject matter is more important than the face, so Raymond X is joining the show anonymously again to share the long-term effects and assumptions he has had to live with after a mutually abusive and toxic marriage.


Brothers Leading Brothers

Thurston M. Smith

Alpha Gentlemen Lifestyle Development

In this episode we discuss the role effective communication has on our ability to serve and support. We also look at how it plays out in our personal relationships. Particularly for men.

I know what this looks like for women, but tonight I want to discuss how it works for men to ask for and offer support of each other. Especially since most men are raised to be providers and problem solvers.


Evolving From the
Inside Out

Lead, Submit or
Get Out of the Way

The Value of Connection

Troy Carroll

InsideOut Evolution 

It is easy to forget that men experience grief, are victimized, and suffer loss in many of the same ways as women. Men process differently. Like women, those traumas can turn into core beliefs. This week we are going to talk about our baggage and how to process the trauma, unpack the core beliefs formulated from it and discover how to turn it into purpose.


Dr. David Banks

Noble Success Strategic Group LLC

There are many conversations being had about submission, relationship roles, and what being successful entails but very little discussion about the elements that are required. Let's find out how leadership, success, and relationships all tie into the submission conversation. 


Dr. Leroy Mckenzie Jr

JNF Enterprises

There is power in collaboration therefore there is value in connection.

However, too many people are afraid that if they shine the light on the next man or woman they will end up in the dark. Dr. Leroy is a master at making connections and fostering collaboration.

Tune in to learn the secret...


The Journey Back

Invincible Spirit

Legacy of Love

Catherine E. Trotter

CTR Strategy Solutions

It can prove to be quite difficult to find yourself if you never truly knew yourself to begin with. This is the case for many of us but especially women. We spend so many years being what everyone expects we are uncertain about what we need, or who we really are. Until you reach a point where we want to take that journey back, when we realize, we have no roadmap or clue.


Erica Denham

Inspired by Thee

Discover how Erica was able to overcome the potentially debilitating pain of losing her brother into a thriving non profit business that honors his memory. She turned her pain into prosperity with an inspirational clothing line and non-profit scholarship fund that supports other teens who have lost siblings by providing funds to help them go to college and pursue their dreams honor his memory. 


Angel Harmon

Zipporah's Basket Inc.

According to online statistics there are approximately 24,000 babies still born and roughly 1,000,000 miscarriages annually. If you have ever suffered the pain of pregnancy loss or still birth, tune in and meet Angel. Hear her story and find out how she was able to her pain into purpose and passion that supports women through her non-profit organization.


Entrepreneurial Empire

Longevity in the Game

Success the BlueWay

Dr. Will Moreland

Moreland Training & Associates

As we close out black business month I wanted to turn the mic back over to one of the most dynamic speakers, entrepreneurs and coaches that I know. This message is a value add to our Black Business Month Features. Tap in while Dr. Will shares his strategies for being able to overcome the streets of Compton, being raised by a single mother, and spending time in jail to building and Entrepreneurial Empire. He has built and sold multiple six and seven figure companies and most recently being recognized as the only BLACK MALE CEO for the Prestigious Titan 100 Award, making him officially one of the top 100 CEO's in the nations 5th largest city. 


Sabrina Fisher Reece

New Vision Dreadloc Studio

The world would not have blinked an eye if Sabrina had turned to drugs, alcohol, or the streets based on how her story started out. Being placed in a suitcase and discarded by her mother, watching her grandmother be murdered in front of her by her grand father. 

She had every reason to give up and every excuse to say I can't. Instead she said, I have to succeed, success is my only option.

Find out how she became a trendsetter in the Los Angeles natural hair care world and successful entrepreneur for over 2 decades as well as an author and motivational speaker. 



Duane Bluestein

DB Productions

When it comes to connecting people, hosting events, and coloring outside of the lines few people do it better than this man right here. Find out how you achieve your goals and do it YOUR WAY regardless of what the people say.

Tap in and discover how Duane has successfully used the landscape of Corporate America to gain expertise and access to individuals that fueled his entrepreneurial visions. 


Invisible Scars *Replay

Making a Safe Exit

Lisa Halls
Author, Motivational Speaker

A completely candid conversation about her fight to survive domestic violence, and her ongoing struggles over the years with self-harm and suicidal thoughts. 

Dr. Marci Batiste

Sustainable Life Change Institute 

One of the most volatile times in an abusive domestic relationship is the moment that the abused makes the decision to leave the abuser.

Tune in tonight and learn some of the things that should be considered before you leave.


Victim to Victor *Replay

 Dr. Shelissa Thomas
CEO, Restore Incorporated
Sharing how she went from being abused and homeless to now owning her own company and housing others in crisis. 

The Intersection of Trauma, Abuse, & Addiction

Restore Incorporated 
Leadership Team

A collision is happening in this country's hearts, minds, and homes. We see and hear the stories, but who asks the questions like how did it start? and How can we end it? These are the people who not only ask questions but provide solutions.

From a Man's

Lamonte D. Faison
CEO, Anger Management 702

There is more than one way to advocate and help people heal. Sometimes we need to hear it from another perspective.

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