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Napoleon Hill once said, "Combine passion with talent, then seek out the right associations, and take appropriate action. Blend those components with strong a belief in yourself and faith in your mission and you have just developed your PERSONAL SUCCESS EQUATION!"

We took Mr. Hill's message to heart and compiled a diverse team of men and women who are committed to doing the work. They have combined their experiences, associations, resources, expertise and passion for our mission to prevent domestic violence to ensure you have access to the most effective training. 

Our team understands that prevention and success after domestic violence is different for everyone. That is why each one of our service offerings have been carefully crafted to allow for individualized application. We believe in addressing the root cause of pain and violence, not just treating the symptom.

In every training there are a variety of human experiences that resulted in us coming together to do this work. Your results and success from our programs rely on you bringing an open mind, your authentic self, and all of your human experiences into the room with you. 

We welcome your baggage and are honored to help you unpack it in the name of prevention and healing.   

Choose from any one of our services listed below to find out more. 

For additional questions about any of our services or reserve a training time, contact an advocate today.

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