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LIVE 7:30 pm Arizona Time
on Blog Talk Radio...

V2V - Voiceless to Victorious Podcast w/ Dr. Marci Batiste

Where Voices are Heard, Stories are Told, and Hearts are Healed

Join Dr. Marci Batiste each week as she provides a platform and a means to let voices be heard, stories told, hearts healed, and lives freed from the bondage of silence and abuse.


Every week she will take you on a journey from voiceless to victorious with powerful stories from everyday people, who have faced their demons head-on and who have come out the other side. They are ready to give their story a voice.


You will be educated, empowered, and encouraged to begin making sustainable changes in your own life, relationships, and community.


Special Sneak Peak

Bonus episode with the Fellas from When Black Men Talk Podcast
Mr. D. Maurice and Mr. Mark Elliott

Meeting, Dating and Relating to a woman who has been abused previously

From Victim to Victory

Special Guest Dr. Shelissa Thomas
CEO, Restore Incorporated
Sharing how she went from being abused and homeless to now owning her own company and housing others in crisis. 

Detoxing from Narcissistic Abuse

Special Guest Joy Mpezeni
CEO, Pink Girl Teaches
A frank and eye-opening conversation about what is narcissism, how it works and how you can heal from the abuse

If you have a story to tell and would like to be a guest on the show you can apply here.

Complete the information below and a member of our advocate team will reach out to you to discuss guest opportunities. There is no cost to be a guest. The only requirement is truth, transparency, and an honest desire to help.

Reason for Contact (check all that apply)
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