Challenge To Change

Our Flagship program. When we say we are progressive and our programs are non-traditional, Challenge to Change is the prime example of what sets 9 Seconds apart from every other domestic violence program out there.

Challenge to Change is not just a catchy title or a random call to action, it is a battle cry that demands we all band together to cultivate radical, life altering, sustainable changes that will prevent domestic violence now and for the generations that follow.

Cutting Edge....

Challenge to change is not a band-aid it is a cure for the root cause. Domestic violence is a symptom of a deeper issue. In this *full day workshop we dig down deep to the root cause, the Generational System(s) that you constructed your life from.

You will be challenged to look at your background, beliefs, behaviors, actions, and outcomes. We will help you retrace and unpack past choices while developing the skillset to make better, healthier choices going forward. You will learn about the "Generational Systems" that set you up and teach you how to reconstruct it, so that the cycle of dysfunction ends with you. This training is the bridge to both healing and prevention.

You will leave here with a level of understanding about your self, your family, and your future like you have never had before. What's more you will have the tools necessary to use the knowledge to build a bright, safe, and abundant future .

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Uncommon Faces

Change is the only option for prevention and clearly the way it has been done in the past is not working. It is time to shake things up a bit. As we continue to demand radical life-altering changes we have to go outside the homes. Domestic violence is not a race issue, a gender issue, or an economic issue. It is a HUMAN ISSUE!

Which means we have to take the training to where the people are. at  9 Seconds we are taking this message into the schools, churches, and workplaces. 

Eye Opening....

Domestic violence is not new. It has been around since forever. To the point that society has become desensitized to violence and has created a false perception of who's impacted, who's problem it is, and who's job it is to fix it. Never stopping to ask the question... WHAT IS THE TOTAL IMPACT?

Well we answer that question for you in this *full-day workshop. You will walk away with a reality-based perspective on who is actually the "victim" and why it's everyone's problem, and why we all have a responsibility to fix it. 

You will leave with the ability to question what you see and hear about domestic violence before it becomes a belief. You will know what's true about the faces behind the violence. 

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