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We are here to make sure that you have someone in your life to support you and believe in you until your belief in yourself kicks in!

Let me begin by saying, welcome. I want you to understand that I empathize and I know firsthand the dynamics of an abusive relationship is complex. But darling hear this, there will never be enough I'm sorrys to bring you back! That part, is simple. So, I plead with you, don't underestimate what people are capable of. Don't confuse obsession with love, LIKE I DID!

When domestic violence started in my relationship, I minimized, he apologized, I stayed..... he repeated, I made excuses, he explained, I stayed. I was trapped in a cycle that I did not even know existed. I thought that it was love, just normal stuff couples go through. It was exactly what I had experienced growing up and I responded exactly as I had observed. That was, until the day he escalated the violence to the point that I could not ignore it, explain it, accept it, or stay.  

Each incident had been worse than the last. After the final attack, I was forced to admit I had to make some changes, or I'd likely end up dead. I thank GOD every day for getting me out of house that last time.

I vowed I'd never go back. Not to him, not to the way I used to think, and not to anyone like him. I promised God that if He got me out I'd do good work with the time I was given back. I took my survival as a responsibility to help other women find the courage, the words, the inspiration, the resources, the education, and the support they need to get out, stay out and move forward in life. Healed, whole, happy, and  most of all, free from domestic violence. 

I believe I was saved that day, to use my experience, my skills, my voice, and my platform to prevent another woman, child, or generation from experiencing domestic violence.

9 Seconds, is the conduit for me to fulfill my promise and to reach, teach, and save as many women as I can. I'm glad you're here. How can I serve you?

Marci Batiste

America's #1 Reality-Based Success & Recovery Trainer

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Humanitarian

Marci Batiste

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Marci Batiste Domestic Violence Video

Domestic Violence Champion

Growing up, I knew that the beatings my mother endured were wrong. I felt powerless to change it but vowed that it would never be my story. Fast forward 30 years,  I was a smart, strong, capable, six figure earner, and corporate executive.

Even though I knew domestic violence was wrong, my awareness, my success, and my finances didn't matter. None of that was not enough to override the 'generational system'. As an adult woman, I responded to love, life, and relationships just as I had observed as a young girl.

Unfortunately I had to nearly die in order to realize I had to disrupt everything I thought I knew so that I could get healed and whole. I share this video as a testimony to demonstrate that what you have lived through does not have to continue and it certainly does not have to be what multiplies out of you. 


Recognized as one of the Top speakers in Arizona and applauded for delivering practical, no-nonsense insight in a presentation style that is relatable, actionable, and unforgettable. All AFTER age 40, I am Living Proof that you're never too old to start really living.


Results-oriented, confidential coaching that utilizes reality-based cognitive-behavioral changes to increase your productivity and drastically improve how you experience life. 

Every great novel starts with a bad manuscript. The secret to success as a writer, is starting!

Every new author starts at the cross-roads of Confusion and Intimidation.

The secret sauce: A great coach, a great process, a renewed mindset


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