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We're glad that you are here. Please be assured, you are among sisters who share the common bond of domestic violence survivorship. Each of us had to start somewhere, and this is a great place to begin. 

The group will meets on a weekly basis for 2 hours. You may choose to participate anonymously using an alias name however, your registration must include your real name, but will remain confidential. 


  • The format of the weekly meetings will consist of 30 minutes of educational curriculum focused on domestic violence education, access to resources, and tools to begin or further the healing and recovery process.

  • The remaining 90 minutes will be invested in an open forum discussion. Participants may share their experiences, extend emotional support to others, and offer best practices or lessons they have learned through personal experience. 

  • The 12 week curriculum will be presented on a continual basis.

  • You can join in at any time and continue to attend for as long as you find value.

  • On occasion guest speakers may be invited to present relevant topics. They will be held to the same respect guidelines and confidentiality standards as group members. 

At the end of the day our objective is to ensure that each participant is able to speak her truth, honor her experiences and begin to reclaim her independence from the isolation that living with abuse creates.  

**This is a safe space for sharing and encouragement. Any incidents of bullying, judgement or negativity towards any group member, facilitator or guest speaker is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate ban from the group. 

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Sign up now to receive meeting and event notifications. Your information will remain confidential.

Thanks for submitting your information. One of our support advocates will follow up with you to answer any questions that you may have prior to your first meeting.

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Who We Are

This group was created by survivors for the warriors and survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence. We wanted to create a safe landing place for women to begin to reclaim their lives and their smiles. As women, when we are in an abusive relationship so much of who we are is stripped away. We tend to lose ourselves along with our independence and often times our will to keep fighting to break free. This group is created by and facilitated by women who were once just like you, trying to survive day by day. Women who each had to find our path to freedom and create a new normal for ourselves, and in many cases, our children. 


We want you to know that this is a judgment free space for you to begin your healing and recovery process. In this group you will hear our stories, you will be free to share your own. It is our hope that as women, and as sisters in this fight, you will form friendships and bonds that will provide you support and encouragement that extends beyond the walls of the group. 


This experience will be whatever you make it out to be, recovery but we assure you, you are not alone in the fight. 

Our goal for each woman is to move through the healing process and go from survivor to champion. 

We sincerely hope you will join us. 

For questions about the support group or how to join, contact an advocate today.

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